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Entrepreneurial Fuel

Nobody in the world is same. One might be good at one thing and bad at another, while the other person might be the exact opposite. Similarly, when at times, you lack the most essential thing in life that keeps you going, the other person might be full of it, whether they know and use it, thats another matter.

In this blog, I'm talking about Motivation. Motivation is the entrepreneurial drive, the fuel of the car, to go that extra mile, to not stop. In this never ending rat race, its easy to get frustrated, depressed, saturated in problems and excuses why not to go that extra mile, or even that extra step. Sometimes we feel like we have nothing left to work for, or the goal becomes unobtainable, or unrealistic (or just bloody hard work). For me, in trading, I wish the chart to go up, and every candle goes down. In business every day defines a cost, but a profit never comes.

But......are you right in your decisions? Was that buy trade the right decision? Was opening that coffee shop a good business move? Well then there's hindsight, and that's a topic for another blog!

What you must remember is there was a reason you made that buy trade, or opened that coffee shop. At that point in your life, you believed it would work. You thought it was the right decision. Justify this to yourself, reaffirm it to yourself, this will strive you on. If it doesn't work out, oh well, try again. Maybe the coffee shop should have been a sandwich shop, maybe it can be both? Maybe that buy trade should have been a sell? Maybe I can hedge? There really is no right or wrong, it comes down to timing, sometime things are circumstantial. What works today may not work next week or next year. What you need however is ambition and thus motivation to keep you in the game. If you lose the motivation, you lose everything. If you lose the ambition, the desire, the fight, you give up.

For me, I look on property websites regularly. I look at large farmhouses with land and imagine myself sitting out in a field eating a picnic, watching my family enjoy what has been achieved. Cars are a passion too, but not a big enough goal. I sell luxury yachts as well as trade on a day to day basis. If someone can buy a $3m Yacht, a $250k car is peanuts. If I can aim for a $5m house with 30 acres, that new Ferrari is an easy step along the way. Now that is not to discount the car as its a great goal, but for me I have to set my goals sky high, that's what keeps me going.

Something in your life needs to be the catalyst for motivation. You wont be motivated without a goal, or a desire. For the fit ones amongst us, that motivation is a six pack or being able to do one more rep on the bench. That goal motivates them. For a property developer, it could be the added income that one extra property generates.

What's important is that whatever it is, whatever the goal, you need to feel motivated. If you're not motivated, think back to when you were motivated. What's changed? Have you given up? Maybe its harder than you thought, but remember that the goal is always the goal......Those that want something bad enough, dig deep, motivate themselves and always keep going till the goal is the reality.


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