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Hello World

Welcome to the blog and potential mad ramblings of Karl Lubieniecki. Known mainly as a leading FX trader, an entrepreneur and an ever so slightly opinionated old sod (by some), I am also a pilot, a yachtsman, a builder, a surveyor, a restorer of classic cars but most importantly a proud father to my daughter, a husband to my best friend and an ever the improving hybrid of the modern-day business and family man.

Born and bred in Swindon Wiltshire, I have spent most of my life in this small industrious town celebrated for its heritage in creating the Great Western Railway and development of the NHS. Completing my basic education at The Ridgeway School in Wroughton and then continuing my studies in Quantity Surveying and Commercial Management at university, I certainly value my education but can honestly say that my experience outside of the classroom as a highly motivated entrepreneur is truly where I gained my stripes which contributed to my future successes.

With 17 years behind the screen as an FX trader, many may be surprised to know that my roots into business actually stemmed from a practice of passion in owning and operating one of the best-known classic car restoration workshops in the South West of England for more than 20 years. If it revs, beeps, drives, fly’s, sails or explodes, I am all over it and have been since I was a young lad, so much so, that I invented and patented a piece of machinery when I was 26. My ethos to machinery and business have always coexisted. You should know how dismantle, reassemble and maintain your business the same as an engine. From a small Swindon boy who loves cars to go on as a founding partner of one of, if not, the largest luxury item syndication companies in the world, I will always consider myself a well-rounded and proud member of the working class.

Make no mistake. Self-belief, determination and ambition are all well and good, however, it’s been hard. Really bloody hard.

I have been lucky enough not to live on the street and I’m not going to plead hardships or poverty compared to many but when you’re on the grind putting everything you have into your business and your families future instead of basic comforts with nothing to guarantee future success you start to question your decisions when you’re living in a cold caravan with no hot water, struggling to balance work and home as a single father, dangerously close to bankruptcy more than once. I take it all in my stride, the storms you survive on the come up are normally what give you the tools to reach success, but I don’t think anything could have prepared for the second storm that came later in life where in the space of one year I buried my grandmother, the family dog, and my mother all whilst being wrongly accused of syphoning of £50m from a company. Though an extremely brief summary of what was perhaps the most distressing time of my life which I will most certainly breathe life into later on, you get the idea, it’s been absolute hell. Still here though, pushing harder than ever, more successful than ever.

You have two hands. One to help yourself and one to help others. To be a mentor and have had a hand in developing and progressing a group of fellow Wiltshire lads, all with varying skills and talents and watching them go on to achieve their goals has and will continue to be one of the most fulfilling experiences of my professional life. I've employed over 130 staff members across my businesses since 2003 and feel fortunate to have maintained working relationships where they can depend on me as much as I do them. To see some of my previous employees go on and become their own boss where they don’t need my help but we still value each other’s input is a true privilege. A construction business start-up of mine from 2004, not only became the largest in the South West of England in 2006, it still operates to this day with my once labourer now the director and owner. It’s not always rainbows and smiles no, humans are human after all and as a result I've made a lot of people happy, comfortable, many wealthy and some greedy.

Don’t get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life. The truth is I am 100% guilty of this and I am incredibly lucky that “life” both magnificently and catastrophically fell into place for me. From the blessings that came with the surprise arrival of my daughter to then balancing the many challenges that come with being a single parent. Behind every great man is an even greater woman rolling her eyes and picking up the pieces. I am especially lucky to have found my wife who has made both myself and our family whole in so many ways. My two girls are always understanding and supportive with whatever shenanigans I stumble into. They even say to each other “What has ‘the man’ done now?” Anyone from a blended family will agree that it takes time to find your way with things and there really is no such thing as perfection but as a unit we value our efforts as much as our successes. My wife and I don’t want to be “perfect parents” with the white picket fence and a bunch of trust fund children. We want to embrace our failures and encourage challenges in our children. As the teen years approach I feel more alert than ever about my influence and presence as a father and recognising that no amount of money or success can take the place of time spent with my family.

I've travelled the world, had some great holidays, I've had nice cars and nice houses, I've also had to sell them, but still, memories are memories. I've met some great people and made some great friends, some not so great but hey that's life. I've turned £50,000 into £3,620,488 in four months trading, but I've previously also filled a car tank up with fuel knowing too well that my card issuer will not be authorising anything anytime soon. Buts that's called getting by....

So what will this blog be about?

Mainly it will be me expressing myself. It’s not meant to educate or give a life lesson, its just meant to stimulate a thought, or provoke the reader into thinking about situations in life which they may or may not realise they will be involved in.


*in 2005


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